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life•time  [lahyf-tahym] –noun 1.Duration of living being  2. Amount accumulated or experienced in a lifetime -adjective For living, during ones life

den•tal [den-tl] –adjective  Of or for the teeth

health [helth] –noun  1.Condition of being well or not sick: freedom from illness of any kind 2. Sound condition; well being

If these three words appeals to you then we already have something in common.

In addition to being our name these words best describe the goal we strive to achieve for our clients; lifetime oral and dental health reflected in an attractive and appealing smile. A smile you can keep for a lifetime.

We hope this site will provide you with insight into what we believe is a better approach to dental health care. We are always available to answer additional questions or address specific concerns.

Beautiful Smile - Family Dentist in Windham, ME

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