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We Retain the Highest Standard of Care

We provide a variety of additional services to offer our patients comprehensive and convenient dental care all in a single location. Our board-certified periodontist and each dentist on our multidisciplinary team specialize in different aspects of general, cosmetic, periodontal and preventive dentistry, including porcelain veneers, gum grafting, and dental implants. This skillful and experienced approach across our all-inclusive additional services means that our high standard of care is retained no matter what treatments you or your family require. Whether you are coming in for a routine hygiene cleaning or need more comprehensive reconstructive services, each dentist on our team is ready to provide the comprehensive care you need to achieve and maintain great oral health!

Predictable, Technology-Based Treatment

Our comprehensive approach to your oral health is concerned with the function, aesthetics, and health of all facets of your smile. Our expertise in these comprehensive additional services enables us to treat everything from teeth grinding to a full arch of missing teeth in a less invasive and more predictable technology-based manner. Additionally, the combined expertise of each dentist and periodontist on our team brings you collaborative care and treatment plans designed to restore optimal oral health.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Bruxism/Nightguards

    patient using mouthguard to prevent teeth grinding

    Nightguards can help protect the surface areas of the teeth in those who grind or clench. We can custom-fit a nightguard to your unique mouth shape and needs.

  • Composite Fillings

    composite fillings model

    Composite fillings are tooth-colored fillings used to protect areas of the tooth affected by cavities or small fractures.

  • ZOOM! Teeth Whitening

    patient receiving teeth whitening treatment

    Zoom! Windham teeth whitening uses a combination of whitening gel and gentle LED light to drastically brighten teeth in less than an hour.

  • BOTOX® Injections

    patient undergoing botox treatment

    Botox cosmetic treatment is ideal for reducing the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth and forehead.

  • Periodontal Maintenance

    patient undergoing periodontal maintenance

    After receiving Windham gum disease treatment you may require periodontal maintenance visits every few months. During these visits a deep cleaning will be done to ensure no reoccurrence of infection.

  • Osseous Surgery

    dental osseous surgery being performed on patient

    Osseous surgery is performed to help eliminate gum disease-causing bacteria. The gums are gently pulled back, exposing areas below the gum line, and the teeth and gums are thoroughly cleaned. The gums are then sutured back into place.

  • Scaling and Root Planning

    dental patient getting scaling and root planning treatment

    This “deep cleaning” is a non-invasive treatment for mild cases of gum disease. Oftentimes, scaling and root planing can effectively remove infection before it spreads and progresses.

  • Gum Grafting

    patient showing results from gum grafting procedure

    Gum grafting is a time-tested method of correcting gum recession. Tissue from either your own mouth or a donor source is used to cover areas of recession.

  • Emergency Dentistry

    patient in need of emergency dentistry

    In the event of an emergency we will do our best to see you as fast as possible. If you have a knocked out tooth, pain, bleeding or any other situation please call us immediately.

  • Mouthguards & Sportguards

    sport guards model

    Mouthguards are ideal for teens or adults involved in contact sports.

Whole-Patient Oral Health Care

If you are searching for a new dentist, let us provide you with the comprehensive and collaborative dental care your smile needs to remain healthy and beautiful. Our additional services are here to give you options, a convenience that lets you receive the highest quality of care from the same team of dentists every time. Our whole-patient approach to your oral health care can benefit you for years to come!

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