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Affordable Dental Care that Prioritizes Your Health

We are passionate about providing exceptional and affordable dental care for our patients. Our comprehensive dental services are not a luxury; they are necessary preventative and restorative solutions to keep your oral health on track. Do you need a new dentist that offers more affordable dental care? Your oral health is our priority and we never let your budget interfere with the quality of the affordable dental care we provide patients. If you are looking for excellence in dental care, please contact our office!

Convenient, Flexible Payment Options

Part of offering affordable dental care is providing multiple and flexible payment options, including third-party financing. Our experienced team is happy to assist you in this process, and we work with your insurance or with your financing plan to ensure you are receiving the most affordable dental care. If you have questions about your dental insurance or coverage benefits, every dentist and member of our team is here to help.

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Financial Options For Dental Treatments

We accept the following forms of payment:

• Cash
• Credit cards
• Dental insurance
CareCredit financing

Benefiting from Affordable Dental Care

Receiving affordable dental care has more benefits than being within your budget. When you are able to maintain your dental appointments, we are able to ensure that your smile is healthy and not harboring any unseen issues, such as cavities or the beginning stages of gum disease. A healthy mouth can lessen your risk for systemic concerns that are often a result of neglected oral hygiene. With affordable dental care, you can achieve and keep a healthy and beautiful smile for years to come!

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