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What’s Up With Your Bleeding Gums? A Dentist Explains

February 1, 2018

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Sad cartoon tooth surrounded by bleeding gumsDid you know that gum disease is one of the most common diseases among Americans? According to the Center for Disease Control, a staggering 1 out of every 2 people over the age of 30 has either mild, moderate or severe gum disease. You may be thinking that you don’t have anything to worry about if you’ve never been diagnosed with this condition. But if you regularly have bleeding gums when you brush or floss, you have what’s called gingivitis (inflamed gums), which is actually considered the first stage of gum disease. If you’d like to know why your gums are bleeding and how you can prevent it, a dentist explains more about this important topic.


Learn How to Care for Your Tongue Properly from Your Expert Dentist

January 4, 2018

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pretty woman holding tongue outYou’ve decided that this is the year to rekindle your oral care. Therefore, you want to know about the benefits of oral hygiene and preventive dentistry. You wonder, “Are there some things I’ve been overlooking?” Your dentist says that there very well could be some aspects of your dental care that you’ve never really paid attention to, one in particular, your tongue. He suggests that the latter gets lost in the conversation on oral care because so much attention is placed on the gums and teeth. But your oral expert has information to share on why the tongue is so important and how to care for it in the best manner.


Forget the Strawberries. Choose Professional Teeth Whitening in Windham?

November 15, 2017

Filed under: Cosmetic Dentistry — lifetimeteam @ 7:20 pm

Woman eating strawberriesNothing lowers your self-esteem quicker than a dull smile. Over the years, you will notice that your teeth are not as white as they were in the past. This is a natural part of the aging process; however, it can also be due to stain-causing foods, poor oral hygiene, or bad lifestyle choices, like tobacco use. To restore your confidence, you have heard about many home remedies that claim to offer amazing benefits. Among one of the most popular involves using strawberries, but is it better than professional teeth whitening in Windham?

Visiting a Preventive Dentist Can Help Deter Heart Disease!

October 1, 2017

Filed under: Uncategorized — lifetimeteam @ 9:52 pm

happy patient woman smilingDid you know that your teeth and gums do much more than provide a beautiful smile when they’re properly cared for? They actually work to keep your whole body healthy—even your heart!

Yeah, you read that right. Heart health is directly correlated to how well your mouth is. Your preventive dentist is here to explain how these systems are connected so that you can truly understand what your smile does for you.


A Dentist Protects You from Cavities with Dental Fillings

September 12, 2017

Filed under: Uncategorized — lifetimeteam @ 9:01 pm

teeth with cavities dental x-raysHow do you know you have a cavity if you haven’t taken the time to visit your dentist in years? Actually, there are telltale signs of cavities, but to be sure, it’s best to visit your dental professional. Not only will they be able to diagnose our dental problem, they can help you treat it with a procedure like dental fillings.


Protect Your Athlete’s Smile With an Athletic Mouthguard

August 7, 2017

Filed under: Uncategorized — lifetimeteam @ 4:55 pm

Doctor Presenting a Mouth GuardSports are great! They help people of all ages stay fit and healthy, they’re a fantastic way to socialize, and they engender a sense of community. Unfortunately, sports have a downside. Injuries, including dental injuries, happen frequently. According to one estimate, more than five million teeth are avulsed, or knocked out, each year. Ouch! To keep all your teeth in their place, consider investing in an athletic mouthguard in Windham.


Prompt Treatment for Gum Disease from the Dentist in Windham

June 20, 2017

Filed under: Uncategorized — lifetimeteam @ 8:29 pm

The dentist in Windham offers periodontal therapy.Estimates say almost half of adults living in the United States are suffering from some level of gum disease — and the implications of that are serious. Are you, too, dealing with bleeding, tender, swollen gums and chronic bad breath? The risk of gum disease is highest for people over age 55. Your dentist in Windham can help you prevent the condition with routine dental care, but if gum disease does develop, periodontist Dr. Kevin Guze provides effective gum disease therapy for Lifetime Dental Care!


Revitalize Your Smile With Teeth Whitening in Windham

May 14, 2017

Filed under: Uncategorized — tntadmin @ 6:56 pm

Learn how to revitalize your smile with teeth whitening in Windham.With summer right around the corner, plans are being made for weddings, reunions, and family vacations! You’ll want to look your best for all of your upcoming events, and you might want to consider the appearance of your teeth. Did you know that a quick whitening treatment can make a huge impact on your smile? Many patients feel that teeth whitening takes years off of their appearance! Lifetime Dental Health offers two convenient treatments that can revitalize your smile for summer with teeth whitening in Windham.


Windham Dentist Prevents Pain with Checkups and Cleanings

April 12, 2017

Filed under: Uncategorized — lifetimeteam @ 9:56 pm

How can your Windham dentist help improve your dental health? One of the most well-known founding fathers said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin understands the great foundation that thinking ahead creates. At Lifetime Dental Health, our dental experts also hold preventive care to a high standard. Seeking the appropriate dental care from your Windham dentist to maintain healthy teeth and gums rather than just visiting when you’re experiencing dental issues can save you a lot of pain and money down the line. Through professional cleanings, dental exams, and other preventive treatments, our office can help adults and children alike avoid toothaches and decay.


Windham Dentist Tells Easy Ways to Avoid Bad Breath

March 15, 2017

Filed under: Uncategorized — lifetimeteam @ 4:23 pm

Your dentist in Windham eliminates bad breath. Your dentist in Windham oversees all aspects of your oral health, including your breath odor. Sure, bad breath often originates in an oral health problem. So, learn the reasons behind bad breath, or halitosis, and steps you can take to eliminate them.



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