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With Dental Implants, Windham Residents Smile Naturally

October 29, 2015

dental implant

Windham dentist Dr. Robert S. Green wants patients to know that replacing one or more missing teeth is critically important for maintaining oral health, physical health and mental well-being. First of all, just one missing tooth can lead to a number of consequences in your mouth, including tooth decay, gum disease and the loss of additional teeth. Your physical health may also be influenced if you are not able to eat a healthy and well-balanced diet. Many people with missing teeth have difficulty chewing certain foods, especially hard fruits and vegetables. Finally, that gap in your smile can harm your self-confidence. Knowing that others are looking at that hole can make some people reluctant to smile, talk or laugh. Thus, replacing one or more missing teeth obviously works to your advantage in many ways. One of the best options for tooth replacement is a dental implant. With this, you’ll have a new tooth that looks and functions much like one of your natural teeth.

The secret behind a dental implant is that unlike other tooth replacement options—dentures, partial or crown and bridge—an implants replaces both the crown and root of a missing tooth. The implant performs the task of your missing root. As such, it provides a stable base for the tooth restoration that will eventually fill the hole in your smile. Moreover, the root plays an important role that no one sees: it stimulates healthy bone growth. Without a root, surrounding bone tissue begins to disintegrate and can lead to the sunken facial appearance many people with missing teeth suffer. A dental implant, however, prevents this from happening, so you stay younger looking longer!

The Dental Implant Procedure

After you are given a local anesthesia to deaden the nerves and prevent pain during your implant procedure, minor oral surgery occurs. The implant, which is a biocompatible titanium screw, is inserted in your jawbone beneath the open socket of your missing tooth. Likewise, several implants can be strategically positioned along an arch to firmly hold an implant-retained denture. Healing from this surgery requires three to six months. During this time, the implant and surrounding bone go through a process called osseointegration; the implant and bone fuse to create the strong and immovable foundation for your tooth restoration.

Once you’ve completely healed and Dr. Green is confident the implant is firmly secure, you’ll return to our Windham dental practice where we’ll complete the restoration phase of your treatment. Dr. Green will expose the implant, attach an abutment and bond your custom-designed porcelain crown in place. Alternatively, an oral prosthetic, such as a denture, partial or crown and bridge can be secured to your dental implants.

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If you’ve been contending with the difficulties of having one or more missing teeth, then call Lifetime Dental Health to schedule a consultation with Windham dentist Dr. Green. Lifetime Dental Health is located in Windham, Maine and offers modern care in the fields of preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry.

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