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Reestablish a Healthy, Strong Jaw Bone after Tooth Loss

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Bone Grafting Reverses the Effects of Tooth Loss

A strong, healthy jaw bone is directly related to the presence and health of the teeth. If gum disease is present or teeth are lost, this has major consequences on the bone. Without teeth, the jaw bone will recede, becoming too thin and frail to accommodate certain restorations, such as dental implants that replace missing teeth permanently. Most patients are candidates for dental implants, but if you have been affected by tooth loss, bone grafting is the only way we can reverse the effects of tooth loss and reestablish a healthy and strong jaw bone. We are trained in a variety of bone grafting techniques, including sinus lift procedures, and are skilled at planning and carrying out treatment that restores the correct levels of bone and provides the maximum health benefits for your smile!

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“We have excellent long term studies that demonstrate wonderful results with bone graft that we know will last and provide the support for the implants.”
Kevin Guze DMD

Preparing the Way for Dental Implants

As specialists in dental implants, bone grafting is one of the more common procedures we perform at our office. This expertise in the structure of the jaw bone and how it relates to the success of dental implants is vital to the long-term health of your smile. Have you been told that you are not a candidate for dental implants due to jaw bone loss? Strengthening and building up a healthy jaw bone through bone grafting is the ideal solution. Once complete, our experienced team can place and restore beautiful and functional dental implants at our office. With dental implants, you will be able to enjoy an improved quality of life and confidence in your smile that comes from permanently replacing all your missing teeth!

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More Information on Bone Grafting

The Benefits of Bone Grafting:

• Strengthens the jaw bone ridge
• Restores proper bone levels
• Increases the stability of existing teeth
• Promotes natural bone growth
• Ensures candidacy for dental implants

Our Bone Grafting Procedures

Bone grafting takes on different forms depending on the location and extent of your tooth loss. In all cases, we take a small piece of bone from another area of your body or from a donor source and use it to build up the bone in your jaw. If tooth loss is in your upper back arch, a sinus lift raises the sinus cavity so that bone grafting material can be placed underneath. If one or more teeth require extraction, a ridge preservation procedure places bone grafting material at the extraction site once the teeth are removed. This minimizes the amount of bone loss that will occur afterwards and also ensures that adequate levels of bone are present for dental implant placement in the future.

Restore candidacy for dental implants!

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