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How We Determine Dental Implant Cost

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Custom Treatment for a Fully Restored Smile

Determining whether something is a good investment oftentimes comes down to whether or not you consider the investment to be good for you long-term. Have you been considering dental implants? While dental implant cost is a factor, many times the lifelong benefits they provide our patients far outweigh the higher initial price tag. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that can significantly improve the oral health that has been lost as a result of missing teeth. We determine dental implant cost on a patient-by-patient basis, and personalize your treatment plan based off the condition of your oral health and the custom treatment needed to fully restore your smile! Our team can place and restore dental implants in-house, a convenience that also maintains our high standard of care and collaboration as a skilled team, and use of advanced technology to improve your comfort and safety.

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“There are several different options in the industry, and for something so permanent in your life, you’re really going to want to be with a company that is reputable.”
Kevin Guze DMD

Factors that Determine Dental Implant Cost

• Number of teeth being replaced
• Which teeth need replacing
Tooth extraction
Bone grafting / Sinus lift
• Severity of the case
Gum disease treatment

The Long-Term Benefits of Dental Implants

One of the most significant benefits dental implants provide is their permanence. Dental implants are not removable and can permanently restore the necessary health, oral function, and aesthetics of your smile. Neither dental bridges nor dentures can boast this level of healthy longevity or the improved function and natural beauty they provide. With the proper care, dental implants do not need altering or replacement and are built to sustain the necessary pressure of biting and chewing, just like your natural teeth.

  • Oral

    Even a single missing tooth can cause oral health to decline. Permanently replacing one or more missing teeth improves health and wellbeing by restoring biting and chewing power, expanding dietary options, and significantly improving the confidence you feel in yourself and your smile.

  • Dental

    Dental implants are made to act like natural teeth, taking on the role of a tooth root. This provides the healthy stimulation needed to keep your jaw bone strong and healthy. Also like natural teeth, they are permanently fixed in your jaw, and do not wiggle or feel loose when you eat and chew.

  • Natural

    Dental implants are restored with custom dental crowns. Made of high-quality materials these crowns are created to mimic the natural appearance of healthy teeth, including their size, shape, and color. When restored, they fit snugly on your gums and between existing teeth.

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