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Compassionate, Whole-Family Dentistry for Over 35 Years

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We Set the Family-Friendly Standard

We have been providing families with comprehensive general, emergency, and family dentistry services for over 35 years. As whole-family dentists, we understand the unique dental and emotional needs of our patients, no matter what age or situation they are in. Children have separate oral health and behavioral needs and we approach our pediatric dentistry patients differently than we do more compliant teenagers and adults generally only in need of preventative dentistry. This compassionate, welcoming standard to family-friendly patient care is the foundation of trust many of our patients need to feel confident in bringing their families to us for their dental care.

The Convenience of Whole-Family Care

Many dentists do not see patients who fall outside the teenage-to-adult range, and therefore require that parents take their children to separate pediatric dentistry offices. We strive to exceed our high standard of care at every patient appointment, and our expertise in caring for the dental needs of patients of all ages sets us apart as a practice. We provide family dentistry services that are personalized, based on the unique needs of each of our patients. With us, you and your family can enjoy a lifetime of comprehensive, advanced dental care!

  • General Dentistry

    general dentstry exam

    Comprehensive exams, root canals, tooth extractions, composite fillings, teeth whitening, and orthodontics.

  • Preventative

    Dr Guze Gives a Patient General Dentistry Treatment

    Hygiene appointments, x-rays, fluoride treatment, mouthguards and sportsguards, and oral cancer screenings.

  • Pediatric

    Young Girl Visiting The Dentist
    Dental sealants, oral hygiene education, growth and development monitoring, and cavity detection and fillings.
  • Emergency Dentistry

    Emergency Services Are Available
    Toothaches, painful or swollen jaw, loose or lost filling and cosmetic restoration repair, and knocked out teeth.

All-Inclusive Family Dentistry Services

Good oral hygiene habits begin at home. We are passionate about helping families achieve better oral health together by providing education on best at-home care and by offering all-inclusive family dentistry services for the whole family. From children to adults and seniors, our comprehensive dental care is able to meet your needs no matter where you are in your journey to great oral health. If you are looking for a new family dentist, we encourage you to call or visit our office!

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