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Strategically Rebuilding the Health of Your Smile

The loss of function and aesthetics of the smile due to multiple oral health issues, oftentimes has a damaging effect on a patient’s physical health and psychological wellbeing. Failing teeth, gum disease, and severe dental decay can all be disastrous for a patient’s smile and oral health. If you are suffering from many oral health problems, our comprehensive full mouth reconstruction can fully restore an attractive, healthy, and functioning smile! A work of art as well as a functional treatment, full mouth reconstruction requires the high levels of skill and artistry characteristic of the work of our specialized dentists and board-certified periodontist. We are experienced in restoring oral health from the ground up, strategically building up the strength and beauty of your smile to provide you with the highest level of functional and aesthetic improvements!

dr kevin guze

“Our goal is to use the latest data and evidence that we have available to us to re-create their bite, we call that function. But at the same time we create an aesthetic profile for them.”
Kevin Guze DMD

What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Many times, when multiple oral health issues are present, patients need more than a cosmetic smile makeover. Full mouth reconstruction is a series of restorative and cosmetic procedures that are customized to reestablish healthy gums and bone, replace teeth with dental implants, improve the appearance of teeth, or fix the bite. Though this comprehensive treatment does improve the appearance of your smile, the underlying goal is to restore the health of your teeth, bone, and gums so that they can function properly, ultimately improving both your oral health and the aesthetics of your smile!

Drastically Improve Your Quality of Life

Our training in comprehensive dental services provides us with the expertise and skills required for the overall success of this multi-step smile makeover process. If you have failing dental health or are missing all of your teeth, we have the experience, resources, and technology needed to restore your smile with full mouth reconstruction. When your teeth, bone, and gums are healthy and functioning correctly, you will experience a drastic improvement in the quality of your life. Biting and chewing is comfortable and easy, speech is clear, your smile is attractive, and your confidence and wellbeing will significantly improve!

Does your smile need full restoration?

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