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Get a Straight Smile with Invisalign in Windham

Are you tired of living with crooked, misaligned teeth? Is your imperfect smile causing you to lose confidence? If so, Lifetime Dental Health will help you achieve a straight, beautiful smile without traditional braces. You have probably considered orthodontics in the past, but the thought of metal wires and brackets has caused you to put the treatment on hold. Now, you can get straight teeth with a nearly invisible option. We offer Invisalign in Windham—a sophisticated and discreet solution to straighten your smile.

Benefit from a Clear Choice

Traditional braces use a series of wires and brackets to pull the teeth into position. While this is effective, the treatment is noticeable and comes with restrictions. Invisalign does not use any wires or brackets to move the teeth. Instead, clear plastic aligners are worn to straighten your teeth with a virtually invisible treatment.

The FDA-approved aligners are created in a series using images and impressions of your teeth. As you wear each aligner, your teeth will gradually move into their correct positions. Each aligner in the series is worn for about two week for 22 hours per day. It takes an average of 12 months to complete the treatment.

Enjoy a Comfortable, Convenient Option

When compared to traditional braces, invisible braces in Windham offer exceptional benefits. In addition to a less noticeable and shorter treatment, the aligners also enhance comfort. The aligners are smooth and offer a custom fit. Since no wires or brackets are used, there will be no irritation to the inside of the lips and there’s no tugging of wires.

Invisalign resolves the exclusions of traditional braces. You will not have any dietary restrictions because the aligners are removable. You can still eat and drink what you like, just remove the aligners before doing so. In addition, oral hygiene is easier because you do not have to brush around brackets and wires. Simple care of your teeth as you normally do while taking the time to clean and maintain the aligners.

Your entire treatment will be convenient as you will require less trips to the dentist. You will not need to have appointments for adjustments. You can switch to the next aligner in the series right from home. However, you will still need an appointment every few weeks so we can monitor the progression of the treatment.

Get a Straight Smile with the Clear Choice

If you are ready to have a straight, confident smile, it is time to see if Invisalign is right for you. In most cases, everyone can use the aligners. However, those who have severely tipped, rotated or gapped teeth may not be candidates. You will need a thorough consultation to ensure the aligners will produce the results you want.

At Lifetime Dental Health, it is our mission to create healthy, beautiful smiles that last a lifetime. If you are ready to invest in your confidence and oral health with orthodontics, contact our office today to schedule a consultation for Invisalign. We look forward to seeing you smile.

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