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Gentle, Predictable Tooth Extraction Procedures

Healthy, problem-free teeth are strong and attractive, secured in the jaw bone, and snugly cushioned by the gums. Sometimes disease, decay, or trauma can harm these teeth beyond repair. Additionally, teeth may need to be extracted, in the case of impacted wisdom teeth, or if crowding is prohibiting proper orthodontic treatment. In most cases, a tooth that needs to be removed causes discomfort or pain, especially if a result of tooth decay. Our specialized team has experience in both simple and surgical tooth extractions and performs all procedures in our office, taking care that they are gentle and as non-invasive as possible. Led by our board-certified periodontist, we have the tools and expertise needed to provide predictable care and tackle complications, if needed.

Our Tooth Extraction Procedures

A tooth extraction may seem like a daunting procedure, but they are routine treatments at our office. With the assistance of modern dental equipment, our procedures are safe and comfortable. Many patients report only feeling slight pressure and no pain while their tooth is being extracted!

Should I Replace an Extracted Tooth?

Teeth are important to maintaining the structure of your jaw bone. If even one tooth is removed, this can affect the shape of the bone, as it shrinks and weakens without the stimulation from the tooth. If we recommend a tooth extraction for anything other than wisdom teeth, we will educate you on your tooth replacement options. While we offer dental bridges, many patients choose dental implants to restore their smile. Dental implants are the only permanent tooth replacement option, taking on both the function and aesthetics of natural and healthy teeth. Replacing an extracted tooth helps maintain proper oral health and the beauty and function of your smile!

I’m concerned about my teeth!

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